Sunrise from Mt Fuji

I remember carrying a bag full of disposable cameras across Europe because had broken my regular camera testing its 5m water proof housing (more like 2m). I also lugged albums of developed prints with me and resented the extra bag all the way through an 18 month travel stint. But it was my most treasured possession. I didn’t realise I had a passion for photography until someone pointed out the ridiculousness of weight small backpack filled with was effectively paper. I guess that’s where it started. rolex podróbka

Traveling led me the beaches of Australia to the mountains in Japan, and I now base myself from a small studio in Niseko, Hokkaido. Adventure sports coupled with travel and the outdoors have always filled my recreation time and to be able to apply photography, to what I love is something I’m grateful for every day. In winter I work with a small team of exceptionally talented staff as ski & snowboard guiding photographers, in summer travel as much as possible with projects taking me across Asia and the world.

Commercially I shoot adventure sports, travel, lifestyle and architecture. Personally I shoot people and places on as many variations of film and cameras as I can find.

I was born in Melbourne, and barrack for the Hawks (important only to people from Melbourne). neppe rolex

I have lived in Australia, Sweden, Italy, and now Japan. Travel is essential to my life.

My passion for nature and the outdoors is driven by a love of adventure; going a few streets deeper in an unknown city market, hiking the next peak, finding a face in a crowd and a new friend in a foreign country. Immersion in the unknown is where I find inspiration. replica watches for sale

My fascination with the world, its cultures, cities and people and the way they interact with the planet is a photographic journey with no end. I’m happy with that.