Expedition Greenland – A view from above.

Greenland had enthralled me to a point until recently. Now it’s blown my mind. Having been lucky enough in the last few weeks to enjoy several helicopter flights over some of our homebase mountains in Liverpool Land, the scale of Greenland’s wild mountain ranges was obvious; huge mountains cut by glaciers in a pattern that […]

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Expedition Greenland – The lives of the locals.

Yesterday we spent the day in the only local settlement close to us, a village called Ittoqqortoormiit. Pronounced E-TOK-O-TOR-MIT. It’s about 2-3 hours from our base by snowmobile and is completely surrounded by snow covered mountains and frozen seas and sits at the mouth of the Scorseby Fjord, the largest fjord in the world. Yesterday […]

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Greenland – Reaching new heights.

Between snowmobiling expeditions the Adventure For Change team have been busy exploring the Arctic on foot and two days ago climbed our first peak! This is an incredible landscape of frozen fjords, sharp jagged mountains, icecaps and valleys. It really is the Arctic in all its glory and we feel extremely privileged just to be […]

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