Australian Geographic Magazine.

A very pleasant surprise turned up in the mail this week. It seems like almost a lifetime ago that I was sitting on the back of a snowmobile wondering if I’d ever make it back to base, stranded, broken down 1000’s of kilometres from civilization on the sea ice in Greenland. It was -35 degrees […]

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Expedition Greenland – The Snow Dragons.

An insight into the lives of The Snow Dragons; Tangent Expeditions and Eastern Greenland’s Snowmobile guides. In our daily roles here in Greenland we often find ourselves on snowmobiles working as guides for Tangent Expeditions. Dubbed ‘The Snow Dragons’, this guiding team gives us the perfect excuse and opportunity to get out and explore Eastern […]

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Expedition Greenland – Getting There.

Taking off for Greenland wasn’t as easy as just booking a flight to Greenland and checking into our accommodation on arrival. It’s a complete logistical under taking. It’s a really long way away and you need more thank a backpack with an extra jumper and a few changes of underwear. It was 4 international flights […]

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