40 Days of Festivals – Fuji Rock

Last summer’s journey around Japan on a tour of the 4 biggest festivals was a trip I’ll never forget (although I swore never to repeat). Crammed into a pizza van and 3 trucks full of food, equipment and almost enough gear to run a circus we spent 40 days on the road travelling from festival to festival across Japan. Almost 12 months later and my rubber arm is being gently twisted to take on the challenge as the travelling camera man for Cezar and the pizza crew again.

In an attempt to talk myself out (or maybe back in) I locked myself in my studio and re watched about 17hrs of footage from Fuji Rock last year. Remembering the intense heat, more intense rain and long long days of driving combined with almost no sleep… I was surprised just how fond the memories were… I cut the 17hrs in to about 12 minutes of what was a trip of a lifetime.

Here is: Fuji Rock – The Movie, from the 40 Days of Festivals…