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A very pleasant surprise turned up in the mail this week.

It seems like almost a lifetime ago that I was sitting on the back of a snowmobile wondering if I’d ever make it back to base, stranded, broken down 1000’s of kilometres from civilization on the sea ice in Greenland. It was -35 degrees and I was reliving my life, contemplating if I was ok with the idea of freezing to death in the most remote wilderness on earth.

Now, sitting here typing this from my laptop in 27 degree heat in Brisbane I can hardly believe that I have just spent 2 months living and filming in Greenland. This expedition was certainly one of the most challenging undertakings of my life and there is no question that it brought me closer to understanding the meaning of what it is to be alive and certainly closer to understanding death.

Since the expedition I’ve taken several months off to reconnect and just chill but certainly seeing us published in Australian Geographic this week sparked a fire in me. I think realising that what we’d achieved was much bigger than just us, and that the efforts that went into the trip were worthy of even the smallest space in Aus Geo has brought me back to the time and I’m now revisting the images and film from the trip with renewed enthusiasm.

The two months spent in Greenland earlier this year did almost kill me. Several times. But I wouldn’t give up one skerrick of the experience or consider trading it for another. I have dreamed of expedition photography my entire life and 10 years spent in the snow as a guide and photographer were nowhere near enough to prepare me for the realisation of that dream.

Very happy to see my somewhat poorly bearded face published in Australian Geographic this issue and it has prompted me to share more of the experience with some photographic posts of the expedition to follow.

A once in a lifetime I only wish I could be lucky enough to endure twice.


Australian Geographic Article - Adventure For Change, Expedition Greenland.



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