Japanese Toy Cameras

Photography for me is less about the histogram and more about experimenting with equipment and methods to create unique and individual images. Whilst Digital Photography is absolutely essential for work and I enjoy it, I truly love shooing film whenever possible and love the results that often come of mistakes and combinations of film and cameras.

This is a toy camera that came in a magazine with instructions (all in Japanese – which made assembly fun!) which we assembled from scratch. I think it was about ¥2000 and included everything we needed to build a home made camera. When I saw how happy the girl was on the cover on the box – I had to have one too!

Look how happy she is!

My Beloved Minolta – Currently out of action with a jammed shutter.

It shoots 35mm film and produces pretty unique images if you can get the exposure right! Other cameras that I love are my Holga and a 1966 Minolta that I picked up in a second hand store in Sapporo for Y3000. I spent a bit of time traveling earlier this year and keeping my expensive DSLR in my bag and pulling out a pink Holga or old school Minolta always drew a welcome smile. I think there were many occasions where I was able to capture moments because I wasn’t holding an expensive and conspicuous DSLR. Currently I’ve got 9 rolls of film about to go in for developing and the anticipation is already killing me.

Photo: Aaron Jamieson Sunset Koh Tao – Thailand. Holga Medium Format

Photo: Aaron Jamieson. Streets of Hanoi – Minolta SRT101

I’ve thrown in a few shots off these cameras – Just so you can see the different effects each produces….

Photo: Lizzy Hoo. Twin Lens Reflex Toy Camera