Fuji Rock – 5 days in 5 minutes

40 Days of Festivals – Fuji Rock.

Fuji Rock 2011. The Green Stage.

Fuji Rock 2011. The Green Stage.

I hope we can be excused to say that Fuji Rock is pretty much a blurry time warp from Thursday to Monday. Tons of music, thousands of pizzas, zero sleep and a buffet breakfast later and suddenly, we’re on the way to Rock in Japan. Scerics of my memory tell me you should check out Eighty Kidz and Reserved. Both cool bands out of Tokyo. The rest of the festival was made up of more good music, super fun crew and more pizza than I thought I could eat.

Here’s a quick mash up of how Fuji Rock went from start to finish for Cezar and the boys… The La Andy Pizza Machine was unstoppable, pumping busy from the minute it opened for breakfast every day.

Fuji Rock from a pizza van – About 5 days in about 5 minutes…