Jetstar Magazine – Published work.

Recently I got a fantastic call from Jetstar. They are now one of the more significant low cost airlines in Japan and have recognised Hokkaido and specifically Sapporo as a destination city of choice. They wanted to do a special story on Sapporo for their six degrees feature in their in-flight magazine. Better still – they wanted me to shoot it!

I wasn’t just excited for the opportunity and obvious wide publication of the magazine and my work (which is great and I’m very grateful for). It was the concept that was cool… follow a local around for the day and visit trendy shops, cool galleries, funky hairdressers and the best in the way of Sapporo’s night life! The brief was portraits of the people behind the hottest things happening in Sapporo, portraits and a few location shots. A long day but a great deal of fun. Thanks to my assistants Teddy and Yasu for helping out with the project.

With Sapporo and Hokkaido clearly on the global radar now I’m truly enjoying the international opportunities coming from new companies looking to promote this amazing part of the world. The feature ran with some sharp looking advertising from some of the local resorts we love to ski. I love to see the place I have called home for the last 7 years looking so cool and promoted to those who might not have discovered it yet.