About the trip

March 2014
Eastern Greenland.

A 2-month filming project for Australian Geographic, this assignment was my most challenging to date. Camped in the middle of winter, high in the arctic circle of Greenland's mountains, our team of 6 brought adventure and the environment together, with adventureforchange.org (one of my side projects with Dr Dean Miller). Working in largely unexplored areas, our team explored and captured a vast pristine landscape in stark contrast to the few charismatic animals, humans and plants that also call it home.

What we did

With a weatherhaven tent and 4 shipping containers making up our entire Arctic base, the remoteness was apparent the moment we stepped off our tiny aeroplane. As some of the most northerly human inhabitants on the island of Greenland, we were truly alone. Our project was to explore as far into the mountains and frozen fjords as anyone had ever been, including some areas which are largely unmapped. Using snowmobiles, skis and foot (and the occasional ride in a helicopter) we were route planning for future expeditions and laying fuel depots to allow deeper exploration - our project was to film the expedition as a documentary and photograph a feature assignment for Australian Geographic.

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