Pre Winter Hokkaido Swell

Sunday produced some pleasantly surprising good waves for the end of summer. After checking the waves on Saturday and deeming it un-surfable we didn’t hold much hope for Sunday and were late starters getting out of Niskeo after a flood of texts and phone calls telling us the swell had arrived.

Rolling up the the coast after mid day you could excuse the smug smiles of the crew drying off after scoring quality offshore waves all morning. We arrived and were greeted by a growing swell and solid onshore winds making the paddle out epic. Fortunately we were assisted a torrent of  water (melted snow) flooding out of a storm water drain (right below all the petro chemical plants – gotta love it! – Will update this blog next week with photos if I grow more toes).

We were happy with what we found but stoked for the crew who hit it early and really scored! Aside from the high octane ice water, the ocean was not too chilly and there might be a week or two yet of surfing without ice cream headaches!

Surfing in Hokkaido.

Ocean Views.


and Lefts.


Cold Shower.

The Road Home.