Seasons changing

The “First Snow” posts have been hitting the press hot (cold) and fast over the last few days. Today I took a drive and tried to capture some of the gloomy weather we are having of late…The weather that lets us all know that soon it will be time to put on skis or strap into our boards, yep that’s right winter is coming!… and there’s nothing you can do to stop it! OH YEAH!

Things are getting back to normal here in Japan (after a rather gnarly recent Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Disaster) and recent news that WTTC will hold their Annual General Meeting & Executive Committee Meeting on April 17 in Sendai – one of the worst hit areas hit by the March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami –  is a show of faith that things are not as bad as some would have you believe.

For those people planing to head to Niseko this year for some, as always, ridiculous powder turns then please, feast your eyeballs on the following imagery. All I mean to document here is the fact that a few weeks ago it was almost balmy  “summer”  humid weather here in Hokkaido… but as you would expect it has become “colder” in the last 2 weeks and it’s only gonna get colder from here on in… (and I’m only covering the last 3 days)…

No doubt the snow we see now will melt away over the coming days (that’s usually the way it goes) but it will be replaced with more of the same later in the month and let’s hope that once it starts, it just won’t stop! (that’s normal here in Niseko)

The following are all HDR images (cos that’s just wot I do) 😉

Gloomy Day! 2nd Oct 2011

Well not so gloomy

Shrine in Niseko (Torii)

Shrine in Niseko

Shiribestu and Annupuri 3rd Oct 2011

Shiribestu and Annupuri + Crow - 3rd Oct 2011

Colours Changing

Reflecting Youtei - 3rd Oct 2011

Grey sky and Annupuri

Grey sky and Youtei

cut rice, greyness & Annupuri

Snowing now? yeah why not!

Snow gullies on Mt Youtei

Green and Grey oh and a little white 😉

HDR Youtei

Shiribetsu, St Moritz Bridge & Youtei San

More Youtei, (snowtei)

Delicious Youtei! & Asparagus

Soon i'll be in the gondola

Getting Dark