Hokkaido Autumn Mists

After spending two weeks in Australia recently I arrived home to Niseko to find a new landscape. The Autumn colours have arrived and this morning was a beautiful crisp, misty morning. I woke up to see the sun trying it’s hardest to burst through the fog so I grabbed my camera and raced out shooting.

The day started quite foggy and eerie so I went for a walk through the edamame fields and found some great spider webs covered in morning dew. With the moisture in the air and the foggy light I saw things I would have missed otherwise…. there are spider webs and insects covering the fields with intricate lace work as far as I could see!

As the day warmed up the fog started to lift and Niseko changed colour as the autumn leaves and remaining colours in the fields soaked up the sun. The Annupuri range was clear and rising up from the mist still settled in the valleys. Mt Annupuri was catching some whispy clouds and was silhouetted against a bright morning sky. As quickly as the sun come out it was gone, Youtei gathered clouds which quickly descended to the base and covered Niseko in a damp mist for the day…

Annupuri range in Autumn

Autumn in Niseko

Spider webs.

Autumn colours in Niseko

Mt Annupuri