Niseko’s Demolition Dinosaur

The power of  hydraulics is impressive to think about. The snow cats that carve our winter mountain are an example but sometimes raw destruction is more impressive. Just recently the main st of Hirafu was the site for a great display of machine vs. metal. Uranaka Lodge was being demolished and it was a spectacle to watch as a precisely controlled hydraulic dinosaur looking machine tore the building apart. The driver smashed the beast through the concrete walls then deftly pulled the metal skeleton of the building out placing it aside where another machine collected, sorted and then loaded the scrap metal in trucks to be removed for recycling.

Demolition Dinosaur

I’m not sure what will replace this old building but it will certainly be a step closer to bringing the plans of the Hirafu main st to fruition. To check out the plans visit the Kutchannel, put your name on the petition and help make Hirafu more beautiful!

The last remains