First Snow on Mt Youtei!… Niseko Winter Begins.

Arguably yesterday there was snow on Youtei but it was such a slight dusting that it ‘could’ have been frost…. Today there is no doubt – it’s the first snow of the 2010/11 Season!!! Hatsu Yuki!

Moody Youtei Morning!

Today we woke up to see Youtei with a solid dusting on it’s peak. It took a few hours for the clouds to reveal the peak this morning but as they lifted it was obvious that the weather up high has certainly begun to get cold – really cold really quickly! Nothing seemed to have touched the peak of Annupuri yet but there is snow down as low as 2/3 of Youtei. The subtle humm of excitement has crept through the village today, mixed with the inevitable ‘oh no I’m not ready for winter’ feeling…. it’s coming!

This weekend looks to have clear and sunny weather so we may see this snow come and go but there is no doubt, in a few months we’ll be riding lifts and hiking back country again!! Autumn is about to kick into full swing with the golden browns and yellows starting to take hold of some trees. Crisp mornings are now the norm and I can’t wait until Niseko bursts into full colour!

Hatsu Yuki - First Snow!


First Tracks anyone?


Snowy Peaks, Autumn Valleys