Heli Rides

Got lucky and spent some time in a heli last weekend. Sunny days and Niseko in full summer mode. Managed to spend about an hour and a half in the air with a camera shooting all of the Niskeo area.



It’s amazing to see an area you thought you knew from above and realise there’s just so much more to discover.  We explored all the way from from Moiwa and Rankoshi to Hirafu then around to  Hanazono.

I found some areas I never knew existed both on and off the ski hill. On one trip we even managed a circle over Youtei’s crater through some amazing cloud formations. Epic.

It was incredible to see the flourishing farms laid out neatly and reaching as far as the bases of all the surrounding mountains. Niseko’s thriving summer environment is a stark contrast to its vivid white winters.

These fields spend 5 months a year under blankets of snow then explode into action for spring and summer producing most of Japan’s potatoes, corn, milk and Hokkaido beef.