Lake Shikotsu – Hokkaido.

We went camping a couple of weeks ago at Skikotsu Ko (Lake Shikotsu). Great camp site and no shortage of incredible scenery!! Summer camping in Hokkaido is brilliant, just not enough time to camp everywhere!

Lake Shikotsu Camp Site

Lake Shikotsu is located in the south-west part of Hokkaidō. It has a maximum depth of 363 metres making it the second deepest lake in Japan, after Lake Tazawa. It is the 8th-largest lake by surface area in Japan. It is surrounded by three volcanos: Mount Eniwa to the north and Mount Fuppushi and Mount Tarumae to the south.

The name of Lake Shikotsu derives from the Ainu language shikot, meaning big depression or hollow. To the Japanese, this sounded too much like dead bones (死骨, shikotsu), so they attempted to rename it engi, but this name did not stick.

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