New Shred Threads!

Just in time for Christmas!! Our good friends from Surfanic, all the way on the other side of the planet, just shipped us a bundle of boxes with new kit for our team this winter!


3 cheers for Surfanic!


We’ve worked with the Surfanic crew for 5 years now. It was just as we were getting off the ground in Japan that they were doing the same thing in Europe, the stars somehow aligned and we’ve been happily rocking steady together ever since. This years kit is bigger and brighter than ever – stoked. As the rule goes – the brighter, the better!!!

We’ve also got new staff uniforms this year and will be flying high in red jackets from now on – a new era from the old green and white we’ve had for the last few years. Keep an eye out for shiny new red jackets hitting the slopes on Thursday!!

Thanks to the Surfanic gang – looking forward to sending through plenty of video antics again this year! Check out this quick timelapse of the grand opening!!