Summer studio (sauna) video productions…

This summer has been a very busy one in our little studio. Over the past few months we’ve been working on video productions, resort shoots, marketing campaigns and design briefs. In a small office we’ve had some very ‘warm’ days with a group of computers and staff going at full speed… 7 computers, 4 humans, 30 degrees and plenty of humidity… Air conditioning – for next season!

With the weather cooling off much of our summer work is completed and it’s refreshing to see the finished products being published and distributed.

Here’s a short video we shot and produced for Hokkaido Tracks Holidays, it’s forming part of their new campaign and will be supported by some more material we’ve produced, due to be released soon (will keep you posted). In much of what we’ve produced we’ve been involved from concept and strategy through to publishing and distribution, overall it’s been a really rewarding process to see the ideas come to life over several months work.

Creating the concepts, shooting and collecting the footage, editing and production, publishing and distribution – a lot busier that a straight photos shoot – but much more fun!

Check out this ‘Niseko Lifestyle’ 4 minute edit, shot and produced by Yas and Az for HT Holidays. (A little bit of pow footage include of course..!)