Niseko Summer Sunset

With the end of summer almost upon us and Autumn about to start I was lucky to be out shooting for an amazing Niseko Summer Sunset 2 nights ago. With all the fields still green and leaves on the trees it was beautiful to watch the sunset over the Annupuri range sending the clouds in the sky into brilliant colours. This photo shows the range folding back from Annupuri to Iwao, Moiwa, Nito, Chise and Shakunage-Dake. Won’t be long until these peaks are white and back country skiing is on again!

It’s hard to decide which season is more beautiful in Niseko. The charm of the summer farms and incredible dense vegetation, or the pristine whites of winter. We’ll also have to see what this autumn brings in the way of weather and some good light for photos, autumn colours are also an entire new face to the landscape of Niseko.