15 Days of Snow.

Well it has just snowed for 15 days straight, were averaging 25cm a day and it is epic out there… AND – there’s more to come!!

That’s why you haven’t heard from us for a while – we’ve been out there everyday; shooting, filming and just generally trying to get blessed in the face as much as possible. Not going to lie, the guise of ‘working’ is just a beautiful excuse to be out riding and skiing the best snow in the world.


Pow Turns - everywhere!


It started about two weeks ago with a huge dump and we were riding waist deep snow with 6ft high sassa bamboo still standing tall. That lasted 2 more dumps and it’s now 2 metres under epic, dry powder. Everywhere has been good, actually it’s been great. Only problem is now we’ve got too much snow – what a problem to have!! More snow coming means the back country is going to need some time to settle, but when it does – it’s going to be more of the same all over again – perfect pow!

So to fill you in on our past two weeks here’s a little vid we cut together of what we’ve been up to…

Niseko is awesome.

Mitchy - stomping the landing.

Mitchy – stomping the landing.

Pistol โ€“ Blessed!

Pistol โ€“ Blessed!

Snow bumps ;-)

Snow bumps ๐Ÿ˜‰

T-Roy - yes, blessed.

T-Roy – yes, blessed.