Midori.So – The Tokyo office.

A recent trip to Tokyo was supposed to last a couple of days. 3 weeks later I’ve finally made it back to Hokkaido and back to my Niseko studio for some much needed editing time… which brings me to blog posts! I love Hokkaido and living in Niseko is a little paradise (especially after the […]

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Where to start with Tokyo?… every time I go back it get’s better. This time was far from an exception, possibly 7 of the best days since arriving in Japan 5 years ago. A combination of incredible food at Open Harvest Festival (including seeing a deer get butchered in the gallery of contemporary art!), amazing […]

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Tokyo – 東京

Spending 24hrs in Tokyo recently reminded me just how amazing this city is. It’s enormous, busy, bright and runs chaos like clockwork. So many people manage to move through this city, seem to get exactly where they’re going, never miss a step and never bump into anyone. It’s nothing like any other city of it’s […]

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