Tokyo – 東京

Spending 24hrs in Tokyo recently reminded me just how amazing this city is. It’s enormous, busy, bright and runs chaos like clockwork.

So many people manage to move through this city, seem to get exactly where they’re going, never miss a step and never bump into anyone. It’s nothing like any other city of it’s size that I’ve ever seen.

I took a few photos on this visit but it prompted me to go back and look at what I’d shot from previous trips as well (which I’ve included here). My favourite time of the day is dawn, watching Tokyo wake up and the streets fill with people is a special experience. Back in January (thus the snow on Fuji) we were lucky enough to score a hotel with views over Tokyo tower all the way to Mt Fuji… scored a couple of clear mornings too!

Tokyo has a population of almost 13 million people of whom less than 400,000 are foreigners. It’s been rebuilt twice in the last century, was reduced to rubble in 1923 by an earthquake and then again in 1944-1945 during WWII. Now, it’s a field of skyscrapers, a concrete wilderness.

Tokyo Sunrise.

Akibahara – The electronics district. 秋葉原電気街

Waiting for the train.

Pork anyone?