365 days after the Tsunami.

With the one year anniversary of the devastating Tsunami from March 11 last year, I thought I’d republish these movies I shot from our 2 trips to Otsuchi in Iwate prefecture (Northern Honshu and one of the hardest hit areas). We were at the tsunami with supplies in the week following the tsunami – this is what we experienced.

A year later Japan has begun moving on but the wounds are far from healed. Tomorrow’s Tsunami raffle at Tamashii Bar is a fantastic community effort to continue to help those in need. I’d encourage anyone in Niseko to pop by Tamashii tomorrow night, and at the least, buy a raffle ticket.

This is a small relief effort for the survivors of Japan’s 2011 magnitude 9.0 quake that triggered massive tsunamis destroying much of the coast of northern Honshu.

Two Australian’s living in Hokkaido loaded a van and drove to the most affected areas to deliver food, water and basic supplies. The rest of the nation was crippled by fuel shortages and aid was subsequently stalled.

This is a small relief effort.

This is a sequel to ‘A Small Relief Effort’. It a short film from our second trip to Otsuchi, a town in Iwate prefecture devastated by the 2011 Japan Tsunami.