Photography Tours & Workshops – Hokkaido: Summer

Tour Details

Venture to the eastern tip of Hokkaido and World Heritage area of Shiretoko on a photographic adventure with Aaron as your experienced guide and wealth of experience gained as a long term Hokkaido photographer.

Photograph countless rare birds and wildlife along with untouched wilderness and pristine Hokkaido land and ocean-scapes.

Professional photography tuition, guiding, accommodation and some meals included.

Advanced bookings essential.

Summer Season

August 15-20

Niseko region and Eastern Hokkaido including the World Heritage area of Shiretoko

Key photography points of interest:

  • Birds and animals: Tancho Tsuru (Red Crested Crane), Owashi (Giant Eagle – biggest in the world), Whooper swans, Kitsune (Hokkaido fox), Shika (Hokkaido Deer)
  • Lakes and landscapes
  • Japanese villages, sea side activity, people and culture
  • Temples & Shrines