Photography Tours & Workshops – Hokkaido: Winter

Tour Details

Discover the hidden winter wilderness of Hokkaido with a photographic adventure to Central and Eastern Hokkaido. 

Capture the extremely rare Tancho Tsuru, Owashi eagle and other wildlife while searching for the infamous sea ice on the northern coastline of Hokkaido.

Join Aaron as your guide and draw on his experience and knowledge from over a decade of exploring the winter landscape of Hokkaido.

Professional photography tuition, guiding, accommodation and some meals included.

Advanced bookings essential.

Winter Season

Feb 15-20

Central & Eastern Hokkaido (Tokachi, Lakes Kussharo and area, Kushiro, Abashiri)

Key photography points of interest:

  • Birds and animals: Tancho Tsuru (Red Crested Crane), Owashi (Giant Eagle – biggest in the world), Whooper swans, Kitsune (Hokkaido fox), Shika (Hokkaido Deer)
  • Ice flows and the frozen oceans
  • Winter landscapes (mountains & ocean side)