7 Summits of Summer.

With winter just a few weeks away I thought it was a good time to reflect on what was an absolutely beautiful Hokkaido Summer! Green season is gone – bring on the white out! I spent a lot of time in the mountians exploring Hokkaido this year. Found some great new trekking routes and made […]

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Sliding into summer.

With winter releasing us into the green season it’s time to get out and about with some great Niseko exploration. The rivers are at full steam, fish are biting (for some) and for the mad keen there’s still a bit of snow to be had! Here’s a few shots of the spring time transition from […]

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Road maps and mobile phones.

Wintery Waves

Yesterday we spent 5 hrs searching for some last waves before winter, covered both coasts and saw a lot of fish. Ended up finding some swell as the change in weather hit, it went from about 15 degrees to snowing by the time we got home. But with the snow came offshore winds and a […]

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エゾリス!(Ezo Risu) - Hokkaido Squirrel

Shiretoko – Bears!

Gotta say – pretty stoked to see bears for the first time!! Even if it was from a boat, fairly far away it still triggered that childish rush of… ‘look daddy!! – BEARS!!’ Last weekend we made the mission up to Hokkaido’s far North East to visit the World Heritage Site of The Shiretoko Penisular. […]

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Hirafu Matsuri

As summer draws to a close so too does the summer festival scene (only to be replaced by the Autumn festival scene!). Having attended my fair share of festivals over the summer I’m stoked to say that the Hirafu matsuri was certainly a mini highlight. With food and fireworks to rival the bigger festivals, the […]

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Fuji Rock - Boom Boom Satellites.

40 Days of Festivals.

It’s been 12 months of throwing the idea around but I can now officially say it’s locked in! This summer I’ve agreed to embark on a photographic journey of the summer festival scene in Japan… And so is born – “40 Days of Festivals”. The idea was hatched by Cezar who asked if I’d be […]

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