Aaron has adventure in his DNA. Driven by the continual need to travel, and the desire to seek out the most remote corners of the globe, Aaron spends an enormous amount of his life exploring the continents and their cultures.

Aaron has produced commissioned work for lifestyle and adventure brands and a broad range of web and print publications featuring articles and exhibitions of his work throughout Europe and Asia. Aaron is a sponsored explorer and contributor for Australian Geographic as well as several adventure based brands and publications.

For clients – he brings a whole new meaning to “on location”. Each trip is specifically designed and commissioned for extra-ordinary results. Going places people have never been, shooting faces in cultures unexplored, in landscapes untouched. Immersion in the unknown is where Aaron finds his inspiration. Engaging sponsors for each trip, Aaron offers the opportunity for brands to receive product shots second-to-none.

“There is nothing more enriching than travel and the experiences it provides. Removing yourself from the comfort of normality is something that should be experienced by every one – it is where the essence of life is” ~ Aaron Jamieson.

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