A Bali Wedding.

I recently had the privilege of photography duties for the wedding of two of my closest friends, John & Tess. Very honored and a little bit of extra buzz for a Bali getaway. On the cliffs at Uluwatu there were about 50 of us enjoying Bintangs and celebrating a beautiful day for two special friends… […]

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A Zen Moment.

Hokkaido Road Trip – Japan’s Most Easterly Point.

This day was one of the highlights. I drove to the most easterly point of Japan, climbed out onto the rocks and watched the sun rise over an ocean of ice meeting the warmer waters of southern Hokkaido. In the distance the disputed Russian/Japanese islands materialised into view… A morning I won’t forget!… and that […]

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Road maps and mobile phones.

Wintery Waves

Yesterday we spent 5 hrs searching for some last waves before winter, covered both coasts and saw a lot of fish. Ended up finding some swell as the change in weather hit, it went from about 15 degrees to snowing by the time we got home. But with the snow came offshore winds and a […]

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Where to start with Tokyo?… every time I go back it get’s better. This time was far from an exception, possibly 7 of the best days since arriving in Japan 5 years ago. A combination of incredible food at Open Harvest Festival (including seeing a deer get butchered in the gallery of contemporary art!), amazing […]

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Tokyo Take-off.

Public Transport.

In the last few months I’ve covered some serious k’s on trains, planes, boats and buses… here’s a collection of shots that taken whiling away the time and staying sane while sitting down! I love traveling and the chance to get plenty of images from all sorts of weird and wonderful angles is a refreshing […]

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