24 hours in Sapporo

After a night out in Sapporo last Saturday we spent Sunday kicking around with a camera and letting the city pass by. Sapporo – 札幌, is the fifth-largest city in Japan by population (2 Million), and is Hokkaido’s largest and capital city. Sapporo hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics (the first ever held in Asia) and is home to the famous […]

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Tokyo – 東京

Spending 24hrs in Tokyo recently reminded me just how amazing this city is. It’s enormous, busy, bright and runs chaos like clockwork. So many people manage to move through this city, seem to get exactly where they’re going, never miss a step and never bump into anyone. It’s nothing like any other city of it’s […]

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Moody Youtei Morning!

First Snow on Mt Youtei!… Niseko Winter Begins.

Arguably yesterday there was snow on Youtei but it was such a slight dusting that it ‘could’ have been frost…. Today there is no doubt – it’s the first snow of the 2010/11 Season!!! Hatsu Yuki! Today we woke up to see Youtei with a solid dusting on it’s peak. It took a few hours […]

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Earth Cycle Dance Party

Hokkaido Festivals – “Earth Cycle” Dance Party

Here’s a quick pic from the Earth Cycle Dance Party in Rusutsu. Awesome night, psychadelic sounds and colours, fire twirling and all things good about psychadelic raving and general good times! Hokkaido in summer is a secret thriving island of parties and events that run all summer, you just have to search a little and […]

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