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“Never stop travelling, always dream and you’ll find the blurry line where reality and dreams meet – that’s where you want to live”


Aaron arrived on the island of Hokkaido in 2006. Immediately finding a connection to the people, wild seasons and uncharted frontiers, he has been exploring all corners of the island with his cameras ever since.

Based in the mountain ski area of Niseko, Aaron divides his time between his gallery in his home village of Hirafu, and exploring Hokkaido on both photographic and film projects in between commercial assignments from all over the world.

Aaron’s passion for the most striking and least-visited landscapes on the planet drives his personal pursuit of fine art photography. Spending weeks on the road exploring Hokakido’s coldest and most remote corners, Aaron’s passion is captured in his unique images adorning the walls of AJ Gallery Niseko.

This exploratory passion is balanced with Aaron’s educational background, where he has combined his interests in architecture and visual media. Stemming from his earliest studies, Aaron’s commercial portfolio shows his affinity for architecture and the built environment.


I remember carrying a bag full of disposable cameras across Europe – I think this is where my photographic endeavor may have begun.

Embarking on a round-the-world backpacking adventure, my first stop in Bali saw me lose my regular camera – thanks to a not-so-waterproof housing. My shoestring budget meant that disposable cameras were my go-to from now on. Developing film as I went, I also lugged several albums of prints with me. I lovingly carried this extra-heavy little bag of memories all the way through an 18 month travel stint – it was always my most treasured possession.

I didn't realise I had a passion for photography until someone pointed out the ridiculousness of the weight of a small backpack filled with what was effectively… paper. I guess that's where it all started.

Traveling led me from the beaches of Australia to the mountains of Japan. Adventure sports and the outdoors coupled with travel have always been what I filled my leisure time with. To be able to apply photography to what I love is something I'm grateful for every day.

I was born in Melbourne and have lived portions of my life in Australia, Sweden, Italy, and now Japan. Travel is essential to my life. The growth that comes from an immersion in the unknown and undiscovered is where I find inspiration.



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The Team

  • Aaron Jamieson

    Director / Camera

  • Toshi Pander

    Camera / Post Production

  • Jimi Oertli

    Camera / Post Production

  • Clara Tan

    Gallery Manager

  • Kazune Takahashi

    Gallery Assistant

  • Satoshi Nagai


  • Fiona Nimmo



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